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Special Education


School of the Nations provides additional and/or specialized support for students who have been identified through a cooperative process with DSEJ Educational Specialists. Our program includes pull out or inclusive support with academics or behaviors as defined within a student's Individual Education Plan. (IEP). All of our plans are developed through consultation with teachers and parents so as to best support students’ needs. Our Special Ed program is very dedicated to providing quality services to children within the capacities and resources we have available. 

Counseling services are also available to students and are provided by DSEJ. Students who have identified needs related to self-management attention or have social, emotional, or behavior challenges at school may use these services.  Our counselors meet students and help guide them to learn new strategies so that they can overcome issues that are affecting their overall social, emotion and academic progress at school. These counseling services are frequently part of a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). The goal of our counseling department is to increase a student’s capacity to be successful and independent learners in school.

For more information about the Special Education Department or Counseling Services, please email