Integrated teaching practices that nurture the highest standards of intellect, character and physical development


History & Achievements




The School of the Nations is an internationally oriented educational institution, licensed by the Government of Macau, as a non-profit organization. It originally opened in 1988 with 5 students, all of whom were enrolled in kindergarten. It came about as a result of efforts from a number of Macau residents who saw the need in the community for an English medium school. By the end of the 1989-1990 school year, the original premises in the Seng Vo building were filled to capacity. The demand for new enrollments however, continued to rise. It was decided to acquire additional property on the fourth floor of the Lei San building as an interim measure while a more permanent solution was sought. These premises were occupied for the school year 1990-1991 allowing the school to enroll approximately 200 students (a 100% increase over the preceding year). A 35% increase for the academic year 1991-1992 and a 29% increase for the 1992-1993 school year brought the school to a critical condition of overcrowding. To accommodate the influx of new students, in 1994 the school began to lease commercial properties and convert them to classrooms.


Through the years, the School of the Nations has been able to service a diverse range of nationalities and offer appropriate beneficial schooling for both the Native English Speakers as well as the Non-Native English Speakers, as it has through experience, been able to develop a program and teaching methodology that:

  • Is of an international standard.
  • Offers internationally recognized programs; the I.G.C.S.E certificate and the I.B. Diploma.
  • Meets the Asian standards of Mathematics.
  • Mandates the learning of Mandarin Chinese.
  • Caters for the special needs of the Non-Native English Speakers.
  • Challenges the abilities of the Native English Speakers.
  • Requires total immersion into the English Language.
  • Offers a unique beneficial opportunity for local students in preparation for their future.
  • Pays significant attention to the development of character.
  • Encourages collaboration as well as critical thinking.

The School of the Nations has created an excellent, innovative pre-school curriculum that is now published and used by other schools in Asia and around the world. The Character Development program created for the secondary section has won awards at both the national and international levels. The School has successfully combined curricular elements from different parts of the world to create a program that addresses the needs of both local and international students. This program allows students leaving the school to easily continue their education in any country they may go to. It has also allowed graduates from the school to enter universities and colleges around the world. The School of the Nations’ continued success may be attributed to a number of factors:

  • The School of the Nations has learned from its experiences, and is continually evolving. Each year the School is more able to meet the unique needs of Macau.
  • The School of the Nations does not seek to arbitrarily impose a foreign system. It seeks to develop, apply and adapt a truly international program that is most effective and beneficial for the unique circumstances of Macau. However, students also work towards attaining the I.G.C.S.E certificate and the I.B. Diploma.
  • The School of the Nations demographic statistics of its student body reflects the unique demographic make up of Macau.