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Fine Arts




School of the Nations seeks to be a destination for students who love Music. Primary and Middle school students have access to participate in vocal and instrumental ensembles. Showcase performances occur throughout the year for students to highlight their accomplishments and improvements in music.

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Students can participate in Drama through the curriculum or co-curriculum at School of the Nations. Multiple major productions are done through the year and students also can take drama as a class until Form 4 IGCSE. Through drama, students can learn multiple useful skills, including public speaking, stage presence, and organization, while also building confidence.

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Studio Art

School of the Nations offers multiple opportunities in the Studio Arts. Painting, sculpture, ceramics, and digital media are just some of the areas that students can study through the Arts curriculum and also through the co-curriculum. Fostering creativity and self-expression is very important for young people and that can happen through Studio Art at School of the Nations.

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