Integrated teaching practices that nurture the highest standards of intellect, character and physical development


Message from Director

The School of the Nations evolved to meet a need that was apparent in the Macau community.

Envisioned and initiated by members of the Macau community, it is now firmly established in Macau. It serves the needs of the local and expatriate communities in Macau, and welcomes into its fold people from over 30 different nationalities.

We seek to provide the highest quality education that advances the intellect, character and physical development of all our students, in a safe, harmonious, stimulating, nurturing and joyful environment. We constantly question, assess and evaluate every aspect of the education we provide. As a result we actively develop new innovative curricula, which we then offer to others in this region of Asia. The programme offered includes an International General Certificate of Secondary Education (I.G.C.S.E) administered by the Cambridge University (London) completed by Form 4, and culminates in the International Baccalaureate Diploma, a truly internationally recognised and accepted Certificate.

To inspire students of Macau and this region to strive for and achieve excellence in their academic, personal and character development, so that they vigorously participate in the welfare of their community and the world society, has been, is and will continue to be our vision. We invite you to become members of our family, the School of the Nations.

Vivek Nair