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Professional Development



The School of the Nations provides a vibrant, technologically rich environment that promotes inquiry, skilful thinking, rich collaboration and personalized learning. As a school, we are committed to promoting and sustaining a culture of professional learning that is guided by our shared mission, vision and values.

We recognize that improvement in student learning and our school’s development is best achieved through the creation of a dynamic learning community for all stakeholders; students, parents, teachers and school leaders.


Professional Learning Communities

As such, our Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are inspired by a range of subject and curriculum areas and encourage cross-departmental and grade collaboration amongst teachers. PLCs groups meet weekly and participate in the process of consultation, action and reflection with a group of like-minded colleagues.

Staff also participate in biweekly sessions of study whereby documents and materials related to the vision and mission of the school are reviewed and discussed. For example, our current focus of study is Discourse for Social Action.

Example of previous PLC groups include:

• Character Development Capabilities in Cross-Curricular Integration   

• Strengthening Community: Involving Parents and other Community Participants as Partners 

• Creating a Warm and Spiritual Environment in the Classroom: Considering the Role of Devotions 

• Applying the Discipline of Systems Thinking to Improve Educational Practice 

• Reflection and Student Ownership of Learning: Assessment and Reporting as Educational Tools 

• Exploring Practical Methods and Strategies to Reach All Students and Help Create an Atmosphere that Enhances Unity in Diversity in  the Classroom


Professional Development Trainings

In addition to the promotion of inquiry for the improvement of their practice for teaching, learning and school leadership, the School offers external and school-based learning opportunities, as linked to professional review and evaluation. Professional learning at SON also emphasizes goal-setting, sustained inquiry, coaching and peer collaboration.


International Baccalaureate Organization

As an IB World School, SON is strongly connected to a global community of internationally minded teachers, school leaders and school administrators through our membership of the International Baccalaureate Organisation. IB educators are offered opportunities to participate in courses throughout the region as part of our commitment to the worldwide IB professional learning community.