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Working at SON



The School of the Nations is committed to providing each student with an exemplary international education. Central to that work we seek faculty and staff who subscribe to these ideals and who wish to collaborate, innovate, and make a positive difference.

Some of the important elements of our school are:

  1. Professional Learning Communities
    Overarching commitment to continued learning and reflection
  2. Cohesive International Curriculum
    - Understand and implement the curriculum as designated by the school
  3. Evidence of Learning
    - Implement assessments as per the guidelines of the school 
    • Use data or evidence to inform decision-making
  4. Inquiry based and Explicit Teaching
    - Use appropriate instructional practices to support mastery of desired learning outcomes
  5. Integration of Technology
    - Utilize technology integration to extend and enrich student learning


Working at School of the Nations provides:

  • A diverse learning community enrolling more than 650 students from Kindergarten through grade 12 (Form 6)
  • A supportive and stimulating environment with staff from over 10 nationalities, all bringing years of experience
  • The opportunity to live and work in Macau, a cosmopolitan city with a rich history



What is School of the Nations?

School of the Nations is a Bahá’í inspired K-12 school located in Macau; which is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China.  Within Macau, our school is located on the island of Taipa.  Founded in 1988, the school serves the educational needs of both the local and expatriate communities in Macau.  Our enrollment is currently over 650 students with a teaching and support staff of more than 120 people. 

Who operates the School?

The School of the Nations is owned and operated by the Badi Foundation, a non-profit non-governmental organization registered in Macau since 1990 and dedicated to releasing the potential of individuals and institutions in China to advance their own communities.  For more information on the Badi Foundation, visit their website at:

What does Bahá’í-inspired mean?

Please refer to the linked page on the website for more information: Bahá’í-inspired mean?

When does the recruiting process start?

We begin posting vacancies and actively recruiting new staff in December for the following school year.  However, we accept unsolicited applications and CVs for general applications throughout the year.  Due to the volume of applications received we cannot respond to every person, but we keep every CV on file for future reference.

How does your interview process work?

To be hired at the school, you must excel in our three-interview process.  The interviewers are representatives from our Human Resource Department, our Academic Administration and finally our School Director.  These interviews will be conducted via Skype or in person.

What qualifications must your teachers have?

To be considered for a position at School of the Nations each applicant must hold the following qualifications:

Early Childhood Teacher – Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or higher diploma specializing in Early Childhood Education along with a Bachelor’s degree.  A valid Teaching Certification from an English speaking nation is preferred.

Primary Teacher – Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Primary or Elementary Education, or higher diploma specializing in Primary or Elementary Education along with a Bachelor’s degree. A valid Teaching Certification from an English speaking nation is preferred.

Secondary Teacher – A bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education or higher diploma specializing in Secondary Education with subject specific qualifications along with a Bachelor’s degree.  A valid Teaching Certification from an English speaking nation is preferred.


A bachelor’s degree in the area of the main teaching subject or equivalent academic qualification.

Do you hire newly qualified teachers?

Preference is given to teachers with 2 or more years of practical experience.  We are committed to hiring individuals who are dedicated to our educational mission and are prepared to make significant contributions to the school; we will consider newly qualified teachers whom we feel can meet these requirements.

What other qualifications do you look for?

Experience with teaching our curriculum, teaching in an international environment, and teaching both native English and ESL students are assets when applying.  Additionally, all applicants must possess a valid International Passport, will be subject to an International Criminal Records check, and will be required to provide multiple confidential references during the application process.

What curriculum does the school follow?

The English medium curriculum has been adapted from materials coming from Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Hong Kong, while the Chinese curriculum comes from Hong Kong and the United States. The program prepares students to sit for the internationally recognized I.G.C.S.E. certificate as well as the I.B. diploma at the secondary level.  School of the Nations is the only recognized IB World School in Macau.  For more information on the curriculum please visit the links under the Education section of our website.

What is the primary language of instruction? Do I need to be able to speak Mandarin?

At the primary level, about 70% of the time is devoted to English medium education, while the other 30% is devoted to the study of Mandarin Chinese. At the secondary level, the proportion changes to about 80% and 20% respectively.

Though a proficiency in Mandarin is a useful asset, it is not a requirement of our English language teachers.  Our English language teachers are supported by a staff of well-trained Mandarin speaking educators who are responsible for the Chinese language education.

Where do you hire your teachers from?

At School of the Nations we strive to offer our students a world class education, and thus endeavour to ensure we employ a diverse teaching staff.  We recruit qualified educators from all of the major English and Chinese speaking countries. Currently our 90 teachers represent 15 different countries.

Do you hire teaching couples?

Yes. If both parties are qualified to fill existing vacancies we are happy to hire teaching couples.  Teachers who enroll their children at the school will receive a 50% reduction in school fees.

Do you hire teachers with a non-teaching spouse?

Yes.  However, we cannot make any guarantees about your spouse’s ability to find employment in Macau.  The school will not pay the travel expenses for a non-teaching spouse. Finding employment in Macau can be difficult and generally requires a fluency in both Cantonese and English.  We advise you to do some research about your spouse’s ability to find work in Macau before you consider accepting a position.

What is a teaching schedule like at School of the Nations?

Our teacher calendar runs from the middle of August until the end of June, with 195 contact days.  Newly hired teachers are expected to attend an orientation program in August that begins a few days before returning teachers are required back at the school.

All teachers are expected to work 36 hours within the school building weekly.  Staff is required to attend a weekly meeting of their section, and additional meetings may be scheduled, as necessary.   Several times during the school year we hold regular work hours on Saturdays to accommodate professional development, staff meetings and parent-teacher interviews.

Throughout the school year we observe all Bahá’í Holy Days as well as all Macau public holidays.  Additionally there are a number of lengthy breaks throughout the year – including Winter holidays, Chinese New Year and summer holidays.

What type of salary and benefits package do you offer?

The annual base salary range, including housing allowance, starts at approximately US$44,000, after tax. This does not include the annual travel allowance, new year’s bonus, pension contributions, and yearly re-enlistment bonus that is equivalent to one month’s salary. Furthermore, the government of Macau generously provides a teacher’s subsidy of at least US$580 per month. Taken together, the after-tax total compensation that teachers receive begins at US$57,500. 

Benefits include local healthcare coverage, reduced tuition for up to two dependents to enroll in the school, assistance in finding an apartment including a one-week hotel stay, and an interest-free salary advance to assist with upfront housing costs if needed.

What is the medical insurance plan?

Medical insurance is offered by the Macau government for all registered teachers (may take up to about 6 months to become eligible). Based on the registration, the school pays for a basic coverage plan for up to maximum two dependents (spouse is not considered a dependent). This insurance covers medical and hospitalization costs incurred at the government hospital and treatment worldwide as ordered by them, at a confirmed amount within the policy.  Between the time you arrive and are eligible for Government Healthcare coverage, the school provides a limited private health care plan.  The initial registration for the Healthcare coverage requires a medical check up performed at the teacher’s expense and and reimbursed upon presentation of the official receipt.  The standard cost of this check up is approximately $75 USD.

Where would I live?

All staff members are responsible for finding their own housing, but are provided with 7 nights paid hotel stay (from date of arrival), during which they can search for accommodations.  There are many semi-furnished flats available in Taipa, within walking distance of the School.  Living outside of Taipa is also an option due to Macau’s small size and excellent public transportation system.  New teachers will be assisted by a real estate agent and a staff member from the School to help choose an apartment that meets their own needs and budget.

What is the cost of living in Macau?

As a rapidly developing nation, Macau’s major cost of living is the result of a housing market that cannot meet the demands of the current growth rate. Renting semi-furnished apartments near the school can range between $1200 and $2000 USD per month depending on the amenities.  Sharing accommodation with colleagues or living a short commute away from the school can help reduce the housing costs.

It is usually necessary to pay a deposit of 3 months’ rent upon signing a lease contract. In addition, the cost of the real estate agent is approximately the cost of one month’s rent. Therefore, one would need to pay 4 months’ rent on the day they sign their lease.  As we’re aware that this large of an upfront cost can be burdensome for our new teachers, we can assist you by providing you an advance on your salary equivalent to the amount of one month’s pay.

As one of Asia’s most high profile tourist destinations, Macau’s retailers offer goods and services to meet the demands of any budget level.  The amount that you save will probably depend on how you budget, how often you travel, and how often you eat out.  Please visit this website if you want to get a better understanding of the cost of living index in Macau.

How much can I save?

The lifestyle you choose to live in Macau will determine your cost of living while working here.

As a non-profit organization, our salaries are not as attractive as many for-profit schools you may encounter internationally.  Teachers that prefer to live the luxury lifestyle that Macau’s gambling culture promotes or families with numerous children may struggle to save significant amounts of money during their time here.

However, teachers that are willing to be flexible with accommodations and live comfortably, with some traveling throughout South East Asia, will have opportunity to save money in the long term.

How long do your teachers stay with School of the Nations?

The standard employment contract we offer our new teachers is for 3 years, but we hope they will remain a part of our community beyond that.  Our faculty tenure ranges greatly with several of our staff entering their second decade with the school and new teachers joining us for their first year every August.

How do I get a work visa?

Overseas teachers are required to obtain a work permit to work in Macau legally in addition to having their educational credentials verified by the Department of Education. We assist each employee throughout both of these approval processes. The minimal costs associated with gaining approval will be covered by the school.

The school will work closely with you throughout the process which begins as soon as you are hired and we submit your application to the government.  You can travel to Macau and begin working while approval is pending.  Be advised that it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months after your arrival for your work and stay permits to be finalized.

While it is not a requirement of working in Macau, teachers that choose to apply for a more permanent status as Temporary Resident will find the application process taking approximately 1.5 years.

What’s Macau like?

Macau is a safe, multicultural city located at the center of some of the fastest growing economies and diverse cultures in the world. Connected to Mainland China and just one hour ferry ride south of Hong Kong, there are many opportunities to experience cultural events, museums, and tastes from around the world.

As a former colony of Portugal, Macau has evolved to offer a unique blend of Eastern and Western culture that cannot be found anywhere else in Asia.  In 2005 the Historic Centre of Macau was awarded the title of UNESCO World Heritage site.

“With its historic street, residential, religious and public Portuguese and Chinese buildings, the historic centre of Macao provides a unique testimony to the meeting of aesthetic, cultural, architectural and technological influences from East and West.”(

For more information on Macau please visit any of the following websites:

How do I apply?

To apply please visit Current Opportunities Page and apply for the specific position listed there.